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Our Head Girl, Saachi, hit the headlines this week!

Saachi has written an article about her lovely experience of seeing a robin up really close during her morning break time run, and this was published in the 4th March’s Daily Echo.

Here is the piece she wrote:

Robin in Da Hood During the lockdown, every weekday morning at 10:40, my father, occasionally my brother and I go for a short 2-3 km run. I always drag my feet, reluctant to come out of the warmth of my comfortable room where I am sat for home schooling. I unwillingly wave goodbye to my friends on a mid-morning breaktime group video call and close all the tabs on my computer. Trudging down the stairs, I am greeted by my annoyingly enthusiastic father- who tells me to warm up outside.
It was colder than usual that day; it was snowing gently, and the weather forecast said that the temperature felt like -6 degrees C! The icy air hit my face as I began to run, accompanied by my father.
We were getting warmer the more we ran. We reached the T-Junction near the local surgery, our halfway milestone. A beautiful robin with a characteristic, vibrant crimson chest came fluttering up to us and landed on a nearby branch. Perhaps its’ parents had sent it for a mid-morning exercise flight, and it was taking a quick rest. It posed patiently, waiting for us keen humans to take a few pictures of it. The pretty little bird let us come almost a foot near it, and I clicked away with numb fingers at the phone. Then it flew away, eager like us to get back to a warm, comfortable home.
After the encounter with the gorgeous little robin my mind opened up. I was brimming with optimism, giving me a motive to run back with a positive frame of mind and I thoroughly enjoyed finishing the run.
I thought about this experience. It occurred to me how much humans need to go outside and recharge themselves every so often. Not only does it keep us healthy physically but mentally as well. Embracing the fresh air and appreciating the beauty of nature as well as keeping fit is indeed important and increasingly so in these challenging COVID times.
So, the next time you need a break, why not go outside and hop on a cycle, go for a run or do whatever form of exercise you feel like doing? You won’t regret it- maybe you will discover a new route, find a new way of spending time with your family or just enjoy your time. And even meet a chirpy Robin!

Saachi (11years)
February 2021