| Reception

In Reception, we have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. Using the Talk for Writing style of learning, the children have learnt the story through sequencing, symbols and actions.

We began by retelling the original story and then using the picture cards to create our own story roads to help us tell the story. Following this, we used a story map to tell the story orally, adding in our own actions.

We then began to innovate the story by making changes to the characters and settings within the story.

The children were brilliant at generating lots of ideas for new characters and settings including a baker, a shepherd, a baby; a city, a beach and a farm! They then used post it notes to create their own individual versions of the Gingerbread Man by making changes to the original characters and settings. Next, they will use their story maps to write their own stories.

We have also been exploring the story through continuous provision; in the role play area, the children have been busy taking on the role of the little old lady and baking lots of delicious gingerbread men. In maths, we have used gingerbread men to help us with counting amounts and matching numerals and amounts.