| Year 3

The children in Year 3 started their STEM topic for this term with a ‘Big Bang’.

Last half term the children loved their topic of ‘Potions and Explosions.’ In their STEM lessons the excitement about their new way of learning was evident as they experimented with a wide range of potions, exploring density and how it affects the behaviour of liquids. Their homemade lava lamps seemed to be particularly popular. In our topic lessons, their volcanoes structures showed huge imagination, with everyone building a unique and wonderful erupting construction. The thought and ingenuity that the children put into their settlement protection designs was fantastic to see.

This week we have been discussing with the children their new topic ‘One Moment in Time.’ We have been discussing what they would like to learn about in their STEM lessons. The children decided that they would like to learn about the ‘Big Bang’ and the planets in our solar system. As a hook for our new topic, the children thoroughly enjoyed working in small teams to design a spaghetti and marshmallow rocket.