| Reception

Reception have had a fantastic first fortnight at school.

Leaving Nursery behind and starting Reception is a big step for children; we are delighted that all of the Reception children have made this transition look effortless. Many thanks to all parents that have worked with us to ensure that your child was well prepared.

The children have been busy making new friends and settling into a new environment. The children have been investigating their indoor and outdoor environment and one of their favourite activities has been using the loose parts in the garden to build their own obstacle courses.

In the classroom, their learning has been focussed around Autumn and Harvest time and they have been exploring different vegetables. We learnt the story "Oliver's Vegetables" and the children have been enjoying their Farm Shop role play area where they have taken on the role of shop keepers and customers and bought different fruits and vegetables.

Watch a short video below of some of the activities the children have been doing since the start of term. We look forward to sharing more updates with you as the Autumn term and the children's learning journeys progress!