| Reception

The Reception and Year One children have had a busy last week. In Year One, we have been writing our own version of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using the Talk4writing’ approach. The children were very creative with their planning and thought of titles such as: ‘The Three Little Kittens and the Big Bad Dog’, ‘The Three Little Mice and the Big Bad Cat.’, ‘The Three Little Chicks and the Big Bad Fox.’ and ‘The Three Little Warthogs and the Big Bad Tiger.’ The children were then able to share these stories with the Year 6 children.

In Reception, the children have been making their very own books to tell a fairytale story. They used a board game as a stimulus to choose a setting, characters and a prop, and they then created a story using these things, for example a castle, a wolf and an apple. The children have been challenging themselves to create a story with a beginning, middle and end. Reception enjoyed choosing a picture book for the Year 6 children to read to them.

On Tuesday, the children were treated to a Tik Tok dance lesson organised by the Year 5 children. In a short space of time, the children had learnt a series of dance moves that they were able to put to music. On Wednesday, we hosted our very own quiz. The children were paired up and had to answer a series of questions relating to the topics that they have been learning this term.