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Year 5 have started exploring their new geography topic, Rainforests, and are sharing their new found knowledge with children further down the school.

Last term in geography, Year 5 learnt about the country of Brazil. Linking to this, since half term, they have started their new topic on rainforests, with the largest rainforest being the Amazon rainforest, located in Brazil.

To prepare for their new topic, Year 5 were asked to create their own rainforest model. The children made some fantastic models, thinking very carefully about the features of a rainforest. They have thought about the density of the trees in a rainforest, the types of animals that would have a rainforest as their habitat, and what a rainforest looks like.

Many of the children wrote facts to accompany their models and they are excited to share their models and information with children in the lower part of the school. The children have been learning information about these amazing ecosystems, such as their proximity to the equator, and even, sadly, the rate in which deforestation is placing them in danger.

Well done Year 5 for making some fantastic rainforest models and sharing new found knowledge with the younger children.