| Year 2

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In our Science lessons, the children have been learning about the structure of plants and what they need for healthy growth and survival.

In the rainforest the children were able to explore first hand how some leaves are shaped in order to catch and store water or to dispel it quickly, by using channels on the leaf surface. The children particularly enjoyed observing a selection of animals and learning how they have adapted to life in a rainforest by making comparisons between life on the forest floor, understory and canopy.

The tiny bright blue poisonous dart frogs captured the children’s imagination, along with Harry the Armadillo and a very well hidden sloth, who had no intention of being spotted during our tour. As vivid green lizards and birds kept us company, we walked slowly around the rainforest halls under giant leaves and vegetation, the children also began to experience the humid atmosphere so essential to the plants and animals, whose habitat we had entered.

We also enjoyed the opportunity of entering the butterfly enclosure to observe many large tropical butterflies as they flew unhindered around us, landing wherever they pleased and allowing us to observe their brightly coloured symmetrical wing patterns.

The sunny weather, also enabled us to all enjoy a lovely picnic lunch, before the children embarked on some thoughtful souvenir shopping in the rainforest shop. It was also a pleasure to receive many compliments about the politeness and exemplary behaviour of our pupils from other visitors to the rainforest on that day.