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All four school committees have met regularly so far this Autumn Term.

Each committee member has fed back to their peers the ideas that have been brought to the meetings. The children’s input on communicating ideas has been wonderful to observe and this two-way process has led to each committee moving forward with actions.

The School Council are actively looking at ways to develop the current house point system as well as refining the understanding of how children can achieve efforts and courtesies.

The Playground Committee have looked at how children at Sherborne House should use the playground to the benefit of all the pupils and are now looking at ways to present the children’s opinion effectively.

The Food Committee have discussed at length the different options that may be offered to the children as a break time snack, focusing on the healthy nature of the snack and the impact on the environment

The Eco-Committee's first action was to see whether they could reduce the plastic being used at lunchtime. They looked at a number of different alternatives for water cups before settling on a suitable reusable cup so removing the need to continually buy plastic ones.

We look forward to sharing more updates about their progress this term!