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We were absolutely delighted to help support Mrs Ganjavian-Connor's, a parent at Sherborne House School, on her recent expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for children's charity The Murray Parish Trust.

Last year, Mrs Ganjavian-Connor helped raised an incredible £5 million for The Murray Parish Trust through a number of different fundraising activities, which was used to set up a new A&E department at Southampton General Hospital - which serves the whole south of England and Channel Islands.

This year, one of the fundraising activities that Mrs Ganjavian-Connor has been involved in, was an expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro with 20 other female volunteers.

Before the group embarked on this incredible challenge, they were informed that they had additional baggage on their flight. Making the most of this, the group packed shoes and clothes donations which they could take to a local orphanage - The Kilimanjaro Centre for Orphans. Sherborne House School were absolutely delighted to be able to donate some clothes for this incredible cause and be apart of Mrs Ganjavian-Connor's incredible journey.

We are so proud of Mrs Ganjavian-Connor for everything she is doing and thank her for involving us where possible!

Mrs Ganjavian-Connor will be coming into Sherborne House School to talk to the children about the work she does, which we are sure will be extremely inspiring for them.

If anyone is interested in joining Mrs Ganjavian-Connor on her Kilimanjaro exhibition in September 2020 should get in touch with her directly.