| Pre-Reception

At the beginning of the term, Pre-Reception learnt all about kindness. The children were introduced to a story called ‘Kindness is Cooler Mrs Ruler’ written by Margery Cuyler, which taught the children all about being kind and doing good deeds for people.

The children made their own kindness tree in the classroom and each time someone did something kind, it would be added to the kindness tree for everyone to see. Teaching children about kindness can have many different benefits to each individual child. One of these benefits is how much it can improve a child’s self-esteem; just a small act of kindness creates a feeling of self-worth and increases their energy and gives them a wonderful feeling of optimism.

To coincide with the children's kindness topic, Pre-Reception moved onto the topic ‘People who help us’. Pre-Reception have been lucky enough to have some special visitors come in and talk to them about how they help the community.

The first visitor was Mr Warin from Chandler’s Ford Vets. Mr Warin spoke about his job and what it entails, he also showed the children all of the different equipment vets and nurses use to make the animals better.

The second visitor was Mr Wensley-Smith and his team who are Coastguards. They bought with them three different vehicles and spoke to the children about being a coast guard and why you might need to call the coast guard. You can see some great photos of the Coastguard visit in our photo gallery.

Introducing the children to different occupations and ways of life is very important because allows them to develop their understanding of the world and community they live in. The creation of a local community in early childhood becomes the supportive, positive and uplifting foundation of a child’s life. It helps them to learn how to tackle challenges, build knowledge and thrive.

To help the children get a greater understanding of the community, Pre-Reception also went on a trip to the local library. When at the library, the children learnt how a library works, how to get their own library card and even got to explore the library themselves. They all had a fantastic time and enjoyed learning outside of the classroom. You can see some photos of the children's visit to the local library in our photo gallery.

Pre-Reception are looking forward to developing their knowledge of the community further.