| Pre-Reception

The children were so excited to see the snow and couldn't wait to show us their pictures from home. They loved wrapping up nice and warm and going out to play with their friends in the leftover snow. As this was a big interest of our children. We created a small world snow scene which the children loved playing with, exploring the texture of the snow and learning about the animals that live in the snow.

Our children have adapted to our new phonics programme 'read, write inc' really well and have even been learning how to write the letters of the week. They have even been practising this at home.

Our children have been really interested in learning to write a number line, this is because this is something we do every day at circle time.

Our children have adapted really well to having their lessons through Google Classroom and are enjoying seeing their teachers through the big screen.

Our talk for writing book has been 'Saving Tally' the children are now able to re-tell the main events of the story and have been catching the litter in the nets to save tally the turtle and other sea animals. We have been learning about ways to keep our environment clean.