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In Pre-Reception, we place a large emphasis on valuing each individual by teaching the children to recognise some of the things that make them unique. This is not only part of the Early Years Curriculum in Understanding the World - People and Communities, but also a core value at Sherborne House School.

The children have been talking about some of the similarities and differences in relation to their families. By working in close partnership with the children's parents, the whole class have been able to have a look at the meals all the children share with their families at home.

The children took part in an activity as part of this topic, to support their Personal, Social and Emotional Development, by presenting their own pictures on Tapestry in front of the class. They described the meals they ate at home and what they like most about them. This activity helped to develop the children’s confidence to speak in a familiar group, share their ideas and opinions.

To continue this topic, the children will be taking part in a food tasting activity and making their own spring rolls. We look forward to showing you the children's cooking skills!