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Y3 Portal3 Nov18
Y3 Portal2 Nov18

Continuing to use the teaching method 'Talk 4 Writing' across the school, Year 3 embark on their Talk 4 Writing topic and have begun to learn a Portal Tale.

The initiative enables children to develop their writing skills through genre-based units of work and learning through mastery level texts. The initiative is now in full swing across the school and as Year 3 embark on their topic, the teaching method will help accelerate the learning experience for the children who have been focusing their work on portals.

The children were introduced and shown three different ‘portal’ video clips and as a year group discussed exactly what a portal was. The children identified that the portal in “Narnia” was the wardrobe, in “Alice in Wonderland” it was the rabbit hole and in “Christopher Robin” it was the door in the tree.

The children were then introduced to the portal tale, “Elf Road”, and discussed with a partner what they noticed about the story. They noticed that there were lots of adjectives in the story and know that they are important in making the story descriptive and interesting to read.

Each class has begun to story map the portal tale and thought of their own actions to help them retell the story. Can you guess what the story is about so far, by looking at the story maps pictures above?