| Reception

This half term, our learning in Reception has been focussed around the book Here We Are.

Our Learning Journey has led us to discover lots of amazing facts about our world, including finding out about animals that live on land and in the sea.

After learning about sea animals, we began to think about how we look after the animals. The children were amazed to discover how litter and plastic can be harmful to the ocean. Following this discussion, we focussed our learning around recycling and the children were challenged to research about what recycling is.

The children then explored the different materials they could find at home or in school to decide whether or not they are recyclable. Some children even went to raid their rubbish bins! We then practised the concept of recycling by using old materials and turning them into something new instead of throwing them away. The children’s ideas included, but were not limited to; building pirate ships and designing new road maps.

After exploring recycling, we began to write our pledge for planet Earth.

Together, we shared ideas of things we can do to help look after the planet, these included; not dropping litter on the ground, walking to the shops instead of taking the car and growing our own plants and vegetables in the garden. Using these ideas, the children wrote their pledges for the planet and challenged themselves to extend their sentences by joining two ideas using and.