| Year 1

Year 1 arrived in their classroom one morning to find that Pirate Silver Beard had left a recorded message on their interactive whiteboard. He was getting very wet as he sailed the seven seas in his pirate ship and needed a new waterproof hat and coat. Year 1 quickly rose to the challenge and set about testing materials. They knew that they had to make sure that it was a fair test, otherwise they might be giving him the wrong information. They tested various materials using a pipette, and then recorded their findings. Cling film and tin foil were waterproof whilst fabric and paper were not waterproof. The children also had to search at home and find materials that were both waterproof and non-waterproof. Many thanks to the Year 1 parents for their support with this. We hope that Pirate Silver Beard will now be able to select the correct materials for his hat and coat.