| Year 5

In art, Year 5 have been learning about perspective. The children have started work on showing the perspective in pieces of art, learning how to draw lines to help them achieve this.

They have investigated one-point perspective which is often used to draw street scenes, roads and railways and looked at various images of perspective. After drawing a horizon line, they chose a spot for their vanishing point which creates a more 3D look to their composition.

Their initial work involved the drawing of cubes before turning these into buildings and adding detail. Year 5 tackled the task of drawing an avenue of trees using perspective lines joined to their vanishing point and then added details to complete their compositions.

Watercolour was the medium chosen to paint their scenes and a variety of colours were used to give the desired effect. Year 5 have understood how perspective can bring two-dimensional drawings and paintings to life and will now try to use this technique in more of their artwork.

See some photos of their artwork in the pupils' work gallery.