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On Wednesday, six children from Sherborne House School were invited to visit Paultons Park and write a short review of the rides, the atmosphere, the attractions and the overall experience of Paultons Park at Christmas. Read their review below.

By Sherborne House School Primary Reporters - Juliette, Mia, Kaavya, Josh, Anghad and Radu

Have you only just broken up from school? Are you wondering how to get into the festive spirit? Start your Christmas here at Paultons Park.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a spectacular Christmas tree, covered in multicoloured lights. We certainly felt the Christmas spirit run through our veins and joy fill our hearts as Frosty the Snowman welcomed us in.

Sick of the rain? Why not go for a stroll down ‘Show Street?’ Here, you can say goodbye to the horrible weather and hello to the fluffy snow, which falls endlessly. Listen to friendly elves sing along to Frosty’s Christmas tunes while you travel down the street and pop in to the 4D cinema. The amazing effects throughout the film will make you feel like you are part of the movie! We hope you enjoy the surprises as much as we did!

Even for Scrooge, there is plenty to enjoy at Paultons! One of our favourite rides was the awesome Cat-o-pillar coaster which travels like a bullet but is suitable for all ages. Giant critters surround the ride, as well as an ‘eye-pod’, which will be sure to make you giggle.

For the braver rollercoaster-riders, the Lost Kingdom will blow your mind! You will be amazed by the Velociraptor; the sudden changes of speed and direction will make you feel invincible as you fly through the air. The Flight of the Pterosaur is equally impressive - you only had to look at our faces to see how thrilling the ride was! Other fantastic family-friendly rides in this area included Boulder Dash and Dino Chase, which are perfect for every explorer.

Another favourite ride of ours was the nearby Sky Swinger which made us feel like we were ♫♫ ‘walking in the air!’ ♬♬ It was so much fun that some of us forgot about our fear of heights!

It’s not just the people celebrating Christmas - the animals at Paultons are also getting into the festive spirit. Posing for pictures, the meerkats were very cute. We thought we saw one praying - perhaps it was his own Christmas tradition! We enjoyed visiting the penguins, who were dancing to the beat of the Christmassy music which echoed through Peppa Pig world!

Throughout the park, there are numerous photo opportunities. Turn yourself into a snowman by popping your head through the 3D models. Stand by one of the many giant Christmas trees, which glisten like diamonds with their intricate patterns. Different characters journey through the park - we high-fived a giant pink bear, met Frosty the Snowman and saw a pair of elves - all waiting for their Christmas snaps!

Paultons is also the perfect place to come and see the jolly man in the red suit. You know who we’re talking about! Santa in his magical grotto.

So, would you like to find a Paultons Park ticket in your stocking? We know we would!