| Year 5

Towards the end of our science topic on ‘Earth and Space’, the children in Year 5 were given an extended homework project, to find out more about the Solar System and present their work in the form of a poster or model. This enabled them to work scientifically, using simple models to describe scientific ideas, and each child thought carefully about how to show the relative sizes, features and interplanetary distances accurately. There was a huge range of models, some with working lights for stars and/or moving parts to show the planets’ orbits, as well as a vast amount of factual information, presented on posters and as additional text on the models. The children were given time to show their work to their peers and share some of the facts that they had discovered in their research. Mrs Evans and Mr Purvis were amazed by the creative ways that the Solar Systems had been represented and were delighted that the topic had generated such interest and enthusiasm across the year group.