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Following the discovery of a letter from the Gruffalo, telling the children that he had got lost, Reception led their own learning, deciding on where to go to build a home for the Gruffalo.

The children suggested going into the woods, so in they went to share the story of The Gruffalo. The children listened carefully to the story and then set about building new homes for the characters. They were inspired by the natural resources surrounding them and were very creative in their approaches to building homes.

Some children set about gathering branches to make big roofs to protect the animals, whilst others chose to dig down into the ground to make an underground house. The children spent the morning exploring in the woods and they created fabulous homes for the mouse, fox, snake and Gruffalo.

Outdoor Learning provides so many opportunities for children to problem solve and develop their critical thinking skills. Through outdoor learning, the children benefit from taking risks within a controlled environment, they are encouraged to seek answers to their questions and make sense of the world around them through hypothesising and testing. Miss Loat was most impressed with their creativity!

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