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Breaking news; Year 3 receive newspaper report about meteorite strike!

We have begun our "Talk 4 Writing" unit all about newspaper reports. As a year group, we read a newspaper report which we received. Its headline was...‘Martians hit mega meteorite!’ and it was published by the Intergalactic News. We first thought about what made a good newspaper report in teams and devised a ‘toolkit’. We searched for the features and chose a fantastic five to focus on! As a year group, we then began to text map the introduction using lots of pictures to help us remember what happened. From this, we then thought about actions to match the pictures which was great fun! We will be continuing our own text maps in our English lessons for the rest of the Intergalactic News…

"I love reading newspapers to see the facts in them" Daniel
"I liked learning the actions and drawing the pictures" Ritika
"I have enjoyed drawing the different pictures for the words" Noah
"I like learning the different actions!" Ella