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Throughout the Early Years, we strive to foster curiosity and wonder in every child. This week, we took the children's learning outdoors to ignite their sense of wonder.

On Tuesday morning, the children went on a bug hunt as a hook for their new Talk for Writing unit on The Hungry Caterpillar.

The children excitedly took on the role of bug detectives and enjoyed searching for minibeasts. When they returned to the classroom, they discovered some presents had been left for them, they gave the children some clues until they eventually unwrapped their new book. The children have since been busy learning the story.

Reception also enjoyed a trip into the woods later in the week after continuing work from their previous learning on capacity. The children were challenged to discover which cup would hold the most hot chocolate!

They were curious to find out whether the tallest cups always hold the most. After they had discovered the largest cup by measuring carefully, they were treated to a trip into the woods where we sat down and enjoyed some tasty hot chocolate!