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When children join us in Reception, we place great emphasis on fostering strong relationships between each individual child and their teachers, and amongst the children. We believe that having great friendships within your class fosters happiness and confidence in all children.

We have been nurturing our children this term by having Year 6 buddies to support the children in their transitions around the school. Each week, our Year 6 children have come across to Reception to take the children to their House Assemblies. The children have really enjoyed forming relationships with the older children who they trust.

This week, the children have been thinking in particular about kindness as part of Anti-Bullying week and the children have been discussing how they can be kind to each other. They discussed what they would do if they saw someone who was sad on the playground and lots of the children said they would offer their kind words and ask if the person who was sad wanted to play with them instead to cheer them up.

In the classroom, the children are gaining independence in working well together and they enjoy selecting their own activities to share with their friends.