| Year 3

Wonderful weaving work creating colourful backdrops for artist inspired creations.

Year 3 have been creating some wonderful colourful creations in their art lessons over the last few weeks.

They have made their own looms, using wool and cardboard. They have then thought carefully about their colour choices to create a wonderful piece to be the backdrop to a Andy Goldsworthy inspired nature display. The children have been learning about his work and have been amazed by the fabulous effects that he develops, using a simple variety of materials found in the natural world.

In weeks to come, their creations are going to be used in an amalgamated manner to develop a ‘woodland pathway’, incorporating both the natural texture and colour of the wool, as well as materials foraged from the school grounds.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their work so far and are extremely excited about the prospect of developing an outdoor related masterpiece.