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The children at Sherborne House were treated to a very special lesson on Monday 23rd September: a Language lesson with a difference.

Taught by our expert parent volunteers, not only did they learn basic vocabulary such as numbers to 10 or greetings, they also learnt a little bit about the culture of the country, the food eaten there and special festivals. From Pre Reception right up to Year 6, everyone had a taste of one of the following: Hindi, Slovak, Arabic, Oriya, Kannada, Dutch, Afrikaans and Polish.

The children had a lot of fun practising writing using a different alphabet, practising new sounds when speaking (the ‘r’ in Afrikaans is very tricky! And all the new sounds in Polish and Hindi!!), learning new words (did you know that ‘brat’ in Polish means ‘brother’?) whilst developing an awareness and respect for other cultures. Being exposed to other cultures and languages helps the children understand the world we live in, it gives them the knowledge to understand that what makes us different is what makes our world richer. Therefore Language Day is vital to help us support our British Values of tolerance and respect.

Over the last few weeks, children and staff also brought to school flags representing where their family is from. When those flags were displayed, it was evident how rich and diverse Sherborne House School is. How lucky we are to be part of such a fantastic community!

Thank you again to all of you who brought flags for our display, and especially to all our parent volunteers, who inspired us all to love and respect all languages and cultures. We really value the partnership with our parents who help Sherborne House School be the best school it can be.

See some photos from Language Day 2019 in our photo gallery.