| Year 1

On Friday 10th November Year 1 went to Milestones Living History Museum as part of our Victorian Children topic. During the morning the children took part in a range of workshops and activities which developed their knowledge and understanding of toys through history and Victorian toys. The children played a range of traditional Victorian games including Jacks, dominoes, pick-up-sticks and different singing games such as Oranges and Lemons. The children also explored traditional shops and learnt about how toys have developed and changed over the past 200 years. During the day the children also explored the many living historical buildings that the museum exhibits. Particular favourites were the Victorian school where the children tried on different Victorian outfits and experienced what life in a Victorian classroom was like and the old fashioned sweet shop where we watched sweets being weighed and put in paper bags. ack in school, the children have compared modern and Victorian toys and written their own comparisons of their favourite toys. They have also learnt a lot more about life as a Victorian children, exploring the differences between the lives of rich and poor children.