| Reception

The children had all looked forward to Christmas as they thought there would be lots of snow for them to play in. However, this snow was not to be seen during the holidays or beginning of term. Reception were keen to make snowmen so we discussed other ways they could do this, instead of using snow! Each child designed their ideal snowman and then used their design to help them make the snowman. They thought carefully about which materials to use and checked their designs for the right colour to make the scarf and hat. The children all agreed that the cotton wool was the best material for the snow, as it is soft and can be moulded into different shapes. After the snowmen were completed, the children were given the challenge of writing instructions explaining how to make their snowman. They had to remember to include a section where they detailed the equipment to use and to state each step needed to complete the snowman. Their next challenge is to swap their instructions with a friend to see if after following the instructions the snowmen look the same!