| Nursery

This week in the Hedgehog Room, the babies have been exploring food using their senses, especially taste, touch, sight and smell.

On Monday the babies helped to make banana smoothies. With the support of an adult they cut bananas into pieces and placed them into the blender (after giving the bananas a taste first of course!) Using jugs, the children poured oat milk into the blender and watched as the blender created their yummy smoothies. The babies had their tasty smoothies for their snack, which they clearly loved!

Later on in the week the Hedgehog’s took part in a food tasting activity. Placed in front of them were different flavours of jelly and Angel Delight. The babies delved straight into the food tasting, using their hands or spoons to explore the different textures, smells and tastes.

Allowing younger children to explore different tastes and textures supports their understanding of food diversity. This plays a major role in proper nutrition and development. While it's great to encourage children to eat foods you know they like, offering new options on the regular ensures they get nutritional benefits from a variety of sources.

The Hedgehog’s also took part in messy food play activities, vegetable printing, hand and foot food painting and much, much more!