| Year 1

In Maths, the children have been learning about measuring using standard and non-standard units.

We discussed that we would usually use a ruler or tape measure and measure in centimetres (cm) to see how long objects are but decided for our investigation to use multilink cubes (non-standard units).

The children were set the investigation:

Your height is the same as your arm span.
Before they could begin investigating, we discussed what their arm span was and all the children made a prediction as to whether they thought it was true or false. Some of the children were able to explain their prediction.

In pairs, taking it in turns, the children laid out on the floor of the classroom and began counting out multilink cubes... it took quite a while and the children had to count very carefully.

The children discovered that some people’s height and arm span matched perfectly and others varied by a few cubes. We discussed that it might not match perfectly for all children as we are growing at different stages!