| Year 6


At Sherborne House, we aim to help pupils think about how people really can make a difference to local, national and global issues. By giving our children the opportunity to understand and learn more about the characteristics of individuals and organisations that show vision, compassion, dedication and generosity, we aim to inspire the children to believe they too, can make a greater impact and difference in the local community and beyond.

Last week, Year 6 held a coffee morning to support Macmillan Cancer Support. A pupil from Year 6 has put together a short piece about the morning and why they feel it is important to support charities such as Macmillan.

Macmillan Cancer Support was started in 1911 by someone called Douglas Macmillan. He made Macmillan Cancer Support when his father died from cancer, to help other people with cancer. Now it is a fund to help people suffering from cancer as well as supporting their families. This fund is really good because people who can't afford to buy beds and specially made equipment or care are helped by the charity.
It was a really fun morning with lots going on. We all made cakes and helped serve our parents and run games. Thankfully all our hard work paid off because we raised £534.84. We had lots of fun helping people who need help more than us.

See some photos from the Year 6 Macmillan coffee morning in the photo gallery.