| Pre-Reception

The last few weeks we have been very busy. The children were extremely excited about Halloween and enjoyed all of our messy Halloween play, we changed our discovery area from ‘Space’ to ‘Halloween’ and we encouraged the children to explore the different activities including using the pin and shape on the pumpkins which they all enjoyed.

The children have also had the opportunity to vote for our ‘Talk for Writing Book’ of the month, the vote was between The Rainbow Fish and The Tiger That Came To Tea.

The Tiger That Came To Tea had the winning vote and we have now started our ‘Talk for Writing’ month - our aim is for the children to be aware of the story, how the story is structured and the language used in the story for them to be able to act out the story and also read it independently.

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night, we have talked about the different sounds and colours they make and towards the end of the week we will be celebrating Remembrance Day. We are also looking forward to celebrating Children in Need next week!