| Year 5

In Year 5 this term, the children's learning will be linked in science and DT with the design and creation of moving toys, complementing their science topic, ‘Forces’.

As a hook for science lessons, Year 5 received a letter from J.K.Rowling, who explained that she needed help in order to produce a new film. The children have each been given a lego ‘stuntman’ to aid their investigations.

So far, the children have had a close look at friction in order to decide how to launch a train so that it travels at the perfect speed to arrive outside Hogwarts. First, they rolled two jars (one full with water, the other empty) down a carpet ramp to aid their predictions. During enquiry-based learning, the children will plan, carry out and evaluate their investigations.

In DT lessons so far, Year 5 have explored a range of cam mechanisms and how these can be used to make a toy move. The children will be designing, creating and evaluating a moving toy for a younger audience, which will enable them to see the value of firsthand experiences and to witness their understanding from science in action.

It is important that the children can make links across the curriculum in order to apply their skills and knowledge to a range of related ideas.