| Year 4

In Year 4 DT, we have been studying lighthouses. We started this project by looking at examples of different lighthouses and noticing the features, location and researching their purpose, as well as learning about how the use of lighthouses has changed over time. Lighthouses used to be lit using open fires or large candles, before the development of electricity enable them to be lit using electrical lights.

We have been linking this learning to our science topic, where we have been studying electricity and circuits. Once we had investigated lighthouses, we then had to design our own. We came up with a list of features that needed to be included, which were; a lantern room, gallery and a watch room. We also discovered that they needed to be a cylindrical shape and be decorated using bold bright colours. Now we have designed them and practiced making the circuits, we have started the process of making our lighthouses! Using pringles/crisp tubes, we used Modroc, masking tape and paper to create the shape and decoration of our lighthouse. We then painted the tubes white and the rocks grey to make our lighthouses more lifelike. Our next step is to use our designs to complete the decoration of our lighthouses.