| Pre-Reception

This week, the Pre-Reception children have been continuing their learning on phonics through a number of interactive activities.

We teach Phonics in Pre-Reception by following the Letters and Sounds scheme. We begin by focusing on Phase 1. Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase 2.

Pre-Reception have now been introduced to Phase 2 Letters and Sounds. In Phase 2, letters and their sounds are introduced one at a time. A set of letters is taught each week, in the following sequence 's, a, t, p, i and n'. This week, we introduced the letter 't' and did a variety of activities based around this letter, e.g. letter hunts, object sorting and letter forming.

Looking forward to the fast-approaching Spring term, we will continue to develop their understanding of phonics and move onto set 2 which focuses on the sounds 'm, d, g, o, c and k'.

All of the work the children do in Pre-Reception at Sherborne House ensures each child has a smooth transition into Reception. Through their learning of letters and sounds, the children create a strong understanding and foundation; so that when the children in Pre-Reception move into Reception, they will be confident when starting to blend the sounds together and beginning to read simple words.