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Y6 Learning3 Nov18
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Recent work in Year 6 has brought together the ideas of Growth Mindset, the school’s Learning Powers and the journey through ‘The Learning Pit’.

At the very beginning of this term, Year 6 were introduced to the idea of ‘The Learning Pit’ being a representation of the journey from beginning something challenging to finally achieving it.

The children drew their own learning pits and annotated them with their changing thoughts and feelings along the way. We linked this work to the school’s new Learning Powers and discussed how these might be applied during the journey.

Recently, we have discussed Growth Mindset and the importance of specific feedback in helping learners to make progress. The children have written a range of constructive comments, thinking about how similar ideas could be used in peer-assessment.

Everyone in Year 6 has engaged well with these activities, making links between the different areas themselves and recognising the importance of ownership in pushing their own learning forward.