| Year 5

Since coming from back from the Christmas break, Year 5 have delved deep into history and have immersed themselves in the legend of King Arthur. It has been fantastic to see so much excitement and their reading reflects the interest in the legend itself. The children’s understanding is being probed through questioning and tasks, such as a vocabulary quiz, and they are also raising effective questions – underpinning their understanding of the legend. It is pleasure for us as staff to listen to the children read clearly and confidently to the rest of the class with developing expression and use of intonation. This ties in with our focus on ‘purpose’. We are constantly asking ourselves as a year group, ‘What is the purpose of what I am doing?’ and the understanding of what an audience or a reader needs in order to enjoy a text or performance has come on leaps and bounds. The young readers of Year 5 have also shown a vast improvement in their confidence to read aloud and are all very supportive of each other during the lessons.