| Year 1

We have begun to learn about the artist Kandinsky.

We learnt that he was a Russian artist who originally was a teacher but it did not make him happy so decided to become an artist instead. We were able to recall their previous learning about primary and secondary colours and were introduced to warm and cold colours. We also learnt that if you can change the tint of a colour by adding white, it makes the colour lighter. Black is used to change the shade which makes a colour darker.

We looked closely at Kandinsky’s circles artwork and discussed how he used a circle shape. We created our own using colouring pencils, pens or watercolour paints. Their instructions were to use a selection of warm and cold colours throughout our work. We were also set a 2Do on Purple Mash and created a digital version of Kandinsky’s circles artwork - this was a bit more fiddly as the circles were harder to draw on a computer screen!

Finally, we chose some shapes of our own to create a piece of artwork - stars, hearts, squares, rectangles, triangles and diamonds!