| Year 3

On Friday, Year 3 had their first lesson on our new topic ‘Tomorrow's World’.

They decided to focus their studies this term on past, present and future inventions and inventors. In groups, they were set a challenge to create their own invention out of junk modelling materials.

Whilst collaborating in teams, they selected an assortment of materials to create their own invention. We had a hall full of robotic dogs, flying trains powered by dragons and even a life size robot. After their time limit of 40 minutes, the children were asked to give a short presentation explaining what their invention did and how it worked. Every child had the opportunity to speak and it was lovely to hear them present so confidently and enthusiastically about their creations.

The children worked brilliantly in their groups and came up with some creative and interesting ideas for their inventions. Who knows, we might have the next Steve Jobs at Sherborne House School!