| Year 2

In Year 2, the children have been learning that there are lot of different strategies to help them learn their times tables. They were very proficient at using repeated addition and a variety of other strategies to help them find the solution to multiplication calculations. The children then had the opportunity to test their times tables knowledge by using the “Hit the Button” program on the school i-Pads. This interactive game, which can be downloaded as an App, gives the children a series of times tables questions together with twelve possible answers and a time limit of one minute. The children took to the game quickly and played the game several times over in an effort to improve their scores. The more confident children were able to extend the task and test their knowledge of the division facts which corresponded to the tables they knew well. The children were encouraged to use the program over the half-term holidays as one way to practise and learn their times tables and they were all very keen to complete this interactive homework.