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We have had some exciting and educational visits this term.

Educational trips are key opportunities for pupils to not only further their knowledge and understanding of a topic, but to also develop resilience, to seek and overcome challenge, to maintain positivity and, without doubt, engage in a variety of learning experiences on many levels.

Another great benefit of these trips is the quality of the relationships that develop between and among pupils and their teachers. Seeing different children shine in different contexts and pupils seeing their teachers away from the classroom.

Year 6 had a wonderful adventure learning new skills on their residential to Bowles. The children were tasked with an orienteering competition in a local woods where they had to rely on each other to find their way back to the meeting point. Learning to rely on themselves and others gave them a new found confidence and it was evident as the week progressed the benefits of a residential experience. Indeed the teachers saw them in a new light as they coped without their parents and leaned on each other for support and encouragement. They experienced rock climbing, abseiling and kayaking to name a few other activities.

Year 5 had a day to remember at The Making of Harry Potter. There was much excitement in the build-up to the trip with children re-reading (or reading for the first time) Harry Potter books. The tour started by entering the Great Hall and seeing the real costumes from the films. Next, the children entered the ‘forbidden forest’ and had their picture taken on a broomstick. Finally, they moved into the props section where they were able to see how they were made and moved. The children also took part in a story building workshop where they were able to handle real props from the films. They then used these props to build a story of their own. Clearly, a day to help their creative writing for the future.

The Year 3 science trip included a workshop where the children learnt to program robots to solve maths based challenges. Lots of fun for our future scientists and mathematicians.