| Year 5


The children in Year 5 have started to create a composition of an industrial landscape in five colours.

Having looked at some of the work of the artist L S Lowry and the features which he includes in his landscape painting, Year 5 this term have started to create their own industrial landscape in collage form. They have enthusiastically participated in discussions on the techniques used by Lowry and carefully used these to inform and create their own compositions. The classes have been preparing the backgrounds for their collages and as Lowry only used five colours, the children have busied themselves in mixing red, yellow, blue, black and white to create their scene. Small buildings were painted in part of their background to provide an interesting backdrop for the terraced houses, factories and chimneys which were carefully drawn, painted and cut out in various shapes and sizes. The children took their time in arranging these buildings onto their background making different arrangements until the desired effect was achieved. Year 5 will study the people whom Lowry drew and will be creating their own in various poses just using black paint. These will be cut out ready to add to their collage. The children are paying particular attention to the perspective of their composition and placing the different components carefully.