| Year 1

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Over the past few weeks, the Year 1 children have been on a journey of discovery to help their friend, Plop the owl, who was afraid of the dark! The children are happy to report that Plop is no longer afraid as they have successfully investigated objects that are light sources and helped Plop to collect objects that will help him light up the dark.

Linked to our learning about space, Year 1 have been learning about the most powerful light source, the sun. The children have investigated how the Earth moves around the sun and how the Earth’s own rotation affects how our shadows appear. The children have tracked their shadows to see how they change over the course of a day and have investigated why this is.

Now they know how shadows are formed, they have also created their own shadow puppets in art; perhaps a puppet show of the first moon landing is on the horizon?

The Year 1 teachers would also like to thank the children and parents for their fantastic efforts in re-enacting the first moon landing. We have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and videos and can see how much this has helped to reinforce the children’s learning!