| Year 6

Year 6 have been exploring figurative language and its effects on the reader, as they stepped into the shoes of a poet.

Inspired by the poem ‘Cave of Curiosity’ which was designed to stimulate imagination through the creation of thought-provoking scenarios, the pupils in Year 6 set about creating their own marvellous ideas, based on the use of abstract nouns. They experimented with figurative language and imagery, building vivid scenes with the use of synonyms to up-level the vocabulary generated, and editing with the help of a partner to choose ‘the best words in the best order’. The children were challenged to imagine themselves as the reader and consider the effect of various options when editing. All were able to persevere with editing until they had a final version to be proud of, which they could share with their peers. This unit of work was a great stimulus to begin the year with children thinking carefully about the choices of language, both in their own work and in that of published authors. They will be applying their new skills to a more specific narrative genre in our next English unit. You can see more of their work in our pupils' work gallery.