| Year 6

During the first half of term all pupils in Year 6 have been working in pairs or groups of three to devise their own warm up for a specific sport.

Both classes have worked hard to ensure that they include a warm-up with some stamina based activities; strength exercises which are appropriate to their chosen sport; stretches to prepare their bodies for the sport and they have also included safety points, where relevant.

They have tackled this task with enthusiasm and vigour and have enjoyed sharing their routines with the rest of their class.

The students have recorded their exercises in pamphlet form to assist them whilst they have demonstrated these to the group.

After they have completed the routine the other students try to guess the activity they chose to do for the warm-up. Both the boys and girls are encouraged to take an active part in delivery the warm-up before their games lessons and hopefully they have gleaned ideas from these lessons to assist them in future!