| Reception

Reception have been busy exploring rhyme through the story 'Room on The Broom'.

In Reception we have been immersed in our learning around potions and explosions.

The children received a letter from Winnie the Witch asking them to help her design a new broom. The children all set about creating a new broom and their ideas were fantastic. We then listened carefully to the story to identify the rhyming words. We had lots of fun playing silly soup where we took it in turns to stir rhyming words into a potion for the witch.

After playing lots of rhyming games, we had a go at making our own rhyming strings by choosing a group of pictures that rhymed.

In our role play, we have been busy using props to retell part of the story and we especially enjoyed making our own witches hats and broomsticks. The children have been retelling the story in the outdoor and indoor learning environments.

We are now looking forward to designing our own potions to help Winnie the Witch make a new cloak!