| Year 1

This week, our learning was taken outside with our fantastic trip to The New Forest Wildlife Park. During the day the children saw animals from the different animal groups and learnt a lot about their habitats, eating habits and ways in which they care for their young. We saw a whole range of exciting animals up close, including an otter with her four month old baby, the stunning wolf pack, a range of otters and owls and other beautiful animals such and as a lynx and deer. We were also lucky to experience the newly opened butterfly house where we saw some butterflies emerging from the pupas and a range of beautiful creatures fluttering around us! We also saw an amazing bullfrog and some giant land snails! The children learnt a great deal from the knowledgeable park keepers and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the animals so close up. The children were all able to discuss and explain their favourite part of the day and there was a wide range of animals that were the favourite of different children. All the children behaved very well despite being a little chilly!