| Year 5

As part of the whole school Enterprise Week, pupils in Year 5 launched themselves into the sunny weather with a gardening theme.

They worked extremely hard throughout their maths lessons to generate ideas for what products adults and children want and need in their gardens. From this starting point, the children researched the equipment and resources they would need in order to make their final products.

By the middle of the week, the Y5 children were beginning to make their products - melting down bits they had bought to reshape into a different product, painting recycled glasses and pots and organising seeds. At the end of the week the children were able to see their final visions represented in the products they had made and began to advertise and work on their marketing campaigns; trying to maximise their profit margin and find a realistic price they could sell their items for.

When it came to selling their products, the children had the honour of being the first year group to welcome parents and the rest of the school to their stalls. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the children set up and worked on their persuasive techniques to sell all of their items. The children enjoyed the whole experience and worked well as a team throughout the process, particularly enjoying counting the money they had made. In total, year 5 made £284 profit - a huge thank you to all parents and children who bought from the year 5 stalls.

After the hard work came the homework… researching what they wanted to spend their money on and which options are actually realistic.