| Reception

On Wednesday, Caterpillars and Ladybirds were very excited to hear they were going to have a fun filled day with Bumblebees. Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Emmet and Mrs Wareham told them how proud they were of the children as they sensibly gathered their coat, drink bottle and book bag to take to the Bumblebees class. The children thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to use our new outdoor area and were very good at taking turns on the bikes and scooters, before returning them to their parking spaces ready for the next person to use.

Next, Bumblebees helped Reception by watching them rehearse their Nativity as they reminded the children to speak loudly so they could hear what was being said when the audience was at the back of the hall. All the children then put this skill into place during ‘Show and Tell’. Mrs Lee and Madame Hill were also very impressed at how the children worked so well together during their music and French lessons. Working as part of a team will strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills, help develop their communication skills, and can improve confidence. The ability to work together with others as part of a team is not simply a skill needed at school, it is a vital skill used in all areas of life. School is, however, an excellent time to cultivate the teamwork ethos your child will then draw from throughout their life. Wednesday was the perfect opportunity for the children to develop their friendships and teamwork skills as they played, worked and tidied together!