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Pr Term3 Jul18
Pr Term2 Jul18

We have been very Busy Bumblebee’s this term in Pre-Reception and have enjoyed a term full of learning and fun!

We have been very Busy Bumblebee’s this term in Pre-Reception. In Letters and Sounds, the children have been working very hard to form the letters in their names, form letters of the alphabet and some children are beginning to form cursive letters. In Mathematics, we have been matching numeral to quantity using a variety of resources such as number puzzles, flash cards and bingo games.

Pre-Reception have also been using their counting skills to complete simple addition and subtraction sums. As well as our structured lessons, Pre-Reception have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our extra curricular activities. In P.E the children worked very hard to practise for Sports Day, which they were all fantastic in! In French, the children learnt a variety of new words, such as animals and minibeasts. In Music, they explored a range of instruments, listening carefully to each sound and they made up their own simple rhythms. In Drama they used their imagination to go on a variety of adventures and really think about what they could see and hear.

Miss Watson and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents for their continued support this year. We wish all of the children going to Reception the best of luck and we hope they enjoy their new adventure!