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The children in Year 1 in their art lessons have been learning about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

This links closely to our STEM topic about plants because she was an American artist who enjoyed looking closely at flowers. When Georgia O’Keeffe drew flowers, she zoomed in and looked really closely at all the tiny details that you wouldn’t see if you glanced at a flower. She enjoyed experimenting with bright, bold and vibrant colours.

The children in Year 1 were each given their own flower to look closely at. They looked at the petals and their colour and patterns, the stem and leaves and the brightly coloured centre of the flower.

They thought of different ways they could show the ‘bumpy’ texture for the centre, counted the petals carefully to ensure they drew the correct amount and thought about how they could show that there were different shades of colour using only an art pencil. The children also learnt in this lesson that it is good to persevere when you find things challenging and all made several attempts at drawing their flower close up!