| Year 3

Year 3 children have been having fun out in the September sun, learning about liquids and their properties.

They have been making observations about the behaviour of different liquids and how they respond when handled. They have been learning about how viscosity and density of a liquid changes the way it pours.

They then experimented, making their own potions and concoctions to see what would happen.

Each group chose their liquids and reactants, mixing them carefully in their ‘cauldrons’ to make their potions. They enjoyed seeing how some liquids would mix with others, whereas some did not.

They took time to explain their observations to the group, often mentioning how the ‘gloopy’ substances seemed to sink to the bottom or not mix very well at all.

As the topic develops, we will be investigating further these ‘gloopy’ (or viscous) liquids and looking how density affects how they mix with others.